Casey Anderson

GENRES: deep house | techno | acid house | ambient
ORIGIN: Florida, USA

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Founder of the Humdrum Hong Kong collective, Casey Anderson is one of the most musically diverse and colorful characters among Hong Kong’s emerging deep house DJs and producers.

At 27 years old he’s already had a 12-year career in live music, which reaches back from playing deep house across the dark corners of Asia’s underground to providing music direction for artists like David Lynch and Karl Lagerfeld, to touring his home country of America as a pianist and accordionist in an indie band. Ignoring trends and clichés, Casey’s DJ sets are playful and unpredictable, more likely to drop classic acid house or a Depeche Mode 12″ at peak hour than anything on a current top ten list.

His approach to house and techno is based on a deep understanding of where modern music came from. His unusual day job requires an encyclopedia-like knowledge of music, as Senior Music Consultant at Stattus, he both DJs and controls the music direction for various luxury brands and art events. These diverse experiences – far from the dark basements where techno happens – have sharpened his intuition and informed his ability to introduce exciting elements and outside genres to his mix of deep house and cutting edge techno. Like his DJ sets, Casey’s own productions often feature hints of acid house, dark disco and UK-influenced bass music, with his own complex patterns and unconventional poly-rhythms lurking beneath melodies and chords.

Casey Anderson’s music career started in Florida at age 16 when he discovered The Pixies and soon left his strictly religious piano teacher behind to join a raucous indie rock group as accordionist, keyboardist and guitarist on a tour across America. Five years later, while earning his International Relations degree abroad, he accidentally discovered an overnight rave on a remote island beach in Hong Kong, where he immediately stopped hating dance music and swore to become a DJ. Within a year he had his first DJ gigs playing indie music in Osaka, Japan, and a year after that was playing Hong Kong’s biggest outdoor music festival, Clockenflap, along with residencies in clubs like Bassment and Yumla. In 2011 he decided to focus solely on house and techno, forming Humdrum Hong Kong with longtime DJ partners Miko Van Chong and Ocean Lam. With its deeper sounds and slower tempos, Humdrum Hong Kong widens the scope of electronic music offered in the city, and through its free monthly parties the group seeks to introduce new faces to the young local club scene.

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