Ryan Elliott (Berghain/Panoramabar) presented by Humdrum & Deeper Sounds HK @ Bassment, Hong Kong – 8 November 2013 [Eng/中文]


Ryan Elliott (Ostgut Ton)
Ocean Lam | Casey Anderson

13 Lyndhurst Terrace
Central, Hong Kong

Friday, 8 November 2013
10PM – 6AM

$150 at door

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Ryan Elliott has a long-established reputation as one of the Detroit area’s most adept techno DJs. Releasing his first tracks in 2007 with Ann Arbor, Michigan‘s Ghostly International label, he soon became half the A&R management on its techno offshoot Spectral Sound (alongside its flagship artist Matthew Dear). After over a decade of working at the local Ford Motor Company while increasingly playing to weekend crowds at clubs and festivals around the world — from New York’s Guggenheim Museum to Barcelona’s Sonar —  this “DJ’s DJ” moved his meticulous ear and bottomless record collection to Berlin in 2009 and soon secured a residency at the city’s most renowned club mecca, alternating between techno at Berghain and house at Panoramabar each month.

Influenced by his hometown staples like Axis, Purpose Maker, M-Plant, Underground Resistance, along with international labels like Perlon, Playhouse, and early Kompakt, Ryan Elliott’s sound remains unchanged even after his relocation: bassline-driven techno and house reduced to their essences, thoughtfully calibrated to drive crowds out of their minds. “Berlin and Detroit may not look the same, but they feel the same,” he says. “The connection isn’t just in the music, but also in both cities’ rough edges and honest hearts.”

Ryan Elliott 一位早已成為在美國Detroit 譽為最拿手的Techno DJ之一。於2007年,他同 Ann Arbor 在 Michigan`s Ghostly International label 發行第一首歌,接著很快就成了Spectral Sound 其中一個 A&R management 的成員,而另一位就是 Matthew Dear。由New York’s Guggenheim Museum 至到Barcelona’s Sonar Festival, 每到週末都在世界各地的不同的 Clubs 打碟。



2009年, 連同他多不勝數的黑膠珍藏搬遷到 Berlin , 極速成為殿堂級的 Berghain & Panorama Bar 駐場DJ 交替著他獨特, 深不見底的 Techno & House!

Ryan 的音樂受著家鄉英雄 Jeff Mills, Robert Hood 和 Mike Banks (Mad Mike) ,Label 如 Perlon, Playhouse 和早期的 Kompakt 影響,即使在他的搬遷後, 聲音保持不變! 仍然係以 Bassline 為主的 Techno 和 House 的幫派.

他說:“Berlin 和 Detroit 可能不會看起來是一樣的,但他們有同樣的感覺,”。“ 連接的不僅僅在音樂, 還有在這兩個城市的粗糙邊緣感覺和誠實的心。”

Ryan Elliott’s October Top 10

Youtube playlist

1 • Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie
Marlboro Light (GW Remix)
2 • Deadbeat – I.D. 6

3 • Borrowed Identity – Painted
[Mistress Recordings]
4 • Mr. G – Getting There… Detroit
[Phoenix G]
5 • Unknown Artist – NRG Zone
(Moody Mix)
6 • Talismann – Mars Wars
[Talismann Records]
7 • ARC# – Red
[Deep Sound Channel]
8 • Murat Tepeli – Forever (Prosumer‘s Hold Me Touch Me Remix)
[Atjazz Record Company]
9 • Dresvn – Millions of Tress
[Sued Records]
10• Ray Escortienda – Time Waits for No Man


Ryan Elliott
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Humdrum Hong Kong Two-Year Anniversary with guest DJ Lupen Crokan @ Bassment, Hong Kong – 24 August 2013

1308 humdrum 2yr lupen bassment lo-res

Lupen Crokan
Ocean Lam
Casey Anderson

Saturday 24 August 2013
10PM til Late

@ Bassment
13 Lyndhurst Terrace
Central, Hong Kong

Free Entry

Dirt Crew presented by Humdrum x Midnight & Co. @ Midnight & Co. – 16 March 2013 – [FREE DIRT CREW MP3 WITHIN]


Dirt Crew (Break 3000 / Berlin)
presented by Humdrum Hong Kong
and Midnight & Co.

Dirt Crew | Ocean Lam | Casey Anderson

@ Midnight & Co.
79 Wyndham Street
Central, Hong Kong
[off Pottinger Street steps]
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$150 at door (includes 1 drink)
free entry before 12:00 midnight

Facebook Event | Resident Advisor

In the 9 years since the Dirt Crew’s inception they have mastered the art of mixing old school house, new school deep house and minimal funky techno… and then some! Along the way they’ve succeeded in unleashing a flurry of floor stompers that have got people preaching the good news in every town they touch down in.

The “Crew” are well known for an eclectic taste in vinyl material that can only come from true and honest propensity to party. They’ll often throw down sadly forgotten 80’s acid cuts and chuck some old-skool breakbeats on top, just for good measure. They seamlessly weave these elements into their signature sexy, dance floor friendly, beats with an electro-esque pulse that’s sure to keep the heat rising. They keep Deep House alive… no compromises made!

Dirt Crew’s Remix of “Take Me To The Rhythm” by Soul Minority
Free Download

Humdrum and Midnight & Co. are proud to welcome Peter Gyselaers (the Dutch half of Berlin’s Dirt Crew) to Hong Kong’s glowing club scene.


Peter Gijselaers started his music career as bass player in the indie/dance outfit ‘Swains‘ in 1989, then soon got involved in house and techno production for the Belgian ‘KK’ label. Between ’90 and ’94 he released several records as ‘Amazone‘ on ‘Nova Zembla Records ‘. His DJ career started in ’90 when he began spinning after shows of the ‘Swains’ , in this period he already played in lots of clubs across Europe.

From ’99 on his music production took priority and he released his first 12” on his own label ‘Casanova‘. In 2001 the launch of the ‘Meuse muzique’ label saw him as producer take another direction , with his electro/techno tracks he got recognition by DJ’s like The Hacker, Mick Wills, Dr. Lektroluv and Tiga who included the track ‘Sacrifice‘ on his ‘DJ Kicks‘ compilation out on ‘!K7‘.

In 2005 his release on MBF called ‘Flash’ stormed the charts across Europe within two weeks after its release. In the years since, Peter and James Flavour have been releasing music together as Dirt Crew on top record labels like Gomma, 2020 Vision, Freerange, Breastfed, Soma, and Crosstown Rebels. Since the 2004 launch of their label Dirt Crew Recordings, they’ve hosted an impressive discography with artists like Tigerskin, Adultnapper, Ben La Desh, Till Von Sein, Mano Le Tough and Detroit Swindle.

It’s clear then that the Dirt Crew are tastemakers and world class DJs not to be missed! Be ready this March 16th for Break 3000’s journey into deep dirty house at Midnight & Co.!

Supported by Humdrum Hong Kong resident DJs Casey Anderson & Ocean Lam.

Humdrum HK @ Midnight & Co., Hong Kong – 8 February 2013

1302 humdrum midnight

Humdrum Hong Kong
Ocean Lam & Casey Anderson

10PM Saturday 5 January 2013

Midnight & Co.
Lower Basement, Harilela House
79 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong
[off Pottinger Street steps, below Wyndham]




extraSMALL: Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts (Live Set) with Wendy Wenn & Casey Anderson – 23 November 2012 @ Bassment, Hong Kong

extraSMALL: Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts (Live Set)
with Wendy Wenn & Casey Anderson

Friday 23 November 2012 – 11pm

13 Lyndhurst Terrace
Central, Hong Kong

Door: $150 HKD
Discounted Advanced Tickets

Event Pages: Facebook | Resident Advisor

Small & Tall‘s new spin off party extraSMALL launches on Friday 23rd November. We are returning to our original ethos of ‘big sounds in small spaces’ it is going to be an occasional series of pop-up parties where we can showcase a more niche, experimental dance music sound.

The opening night of extraSMALL will take place at our spiritual home Bassment, where the small&TALL journey began.

First up is a live set from Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts. An artist who is hard to pigeonhole, Guillaume Coutu-Dumont’s distinctive sound fuses the sultry allure of jazz, the unquestioned groove of house, and the propulsion of techno to deliver something entirely new, deep and danceable. He will be taking us on a musical journey with a marathon live set.

Joining Guillaume will be small&TALL’s smallest resident, Wendy Wenn, and special guest Casey Anderson from Humdrum Hong Kong. Expect the unexpected!”

Satoshi Fumi (Japan), Ocean Lam & Casey Anderson @ Bassment, Hong Kong – 17 November 2012

Asia Music & Humdrum Hong Kong presents


with Ocean Lam & Casey Anderson

17 November 2012
10pm til tomorrow


13 Lyndhurst Terrace,
Central, Hong Kong

Door: $180

$30 discount for liking Humdrum Hong Kong or Asia Music on Facebook

Event Pages: Facebook | Resident Advisor

Satoshi Fumi is one of the new leaders of the Tokyo electronic underground with his unique style of self-described “deep tech house“.His rich imagination drive his exciting DJ appearances across the globe as well as his residency at the city’s top mega-club, WOMB. His prolific productions across many styles of house and techno have been acclaimed by Laurent Garnier, Ken Ishii, Nic Fanciulli and Sasse.

Brought up on house music from Detroit, Chicago and New York during the 1990s, he shaped his own sound based on the classics. He’s since collaborated with artists like Todd Terry, Kaito/Hiroshi Watanabe, and Funk D’Void, and released on quality labels like Mood Music, Bedrock, YoshitoshiKlik Records, Plastic City, as well as his own labels Sequent:Recordings and Outerspace (run with Osamu M).

Catch one of Japan’s cutting edge electronic artists at Bassment on November 17 with Humdrum Hong Kong resident DJs Ocean Lam and Casey Anderson.


Satoshi Fumi: SoundcloudMixcloud | Facebook Page



Satoshi Fumi 是一個東京電子地下音樂的新領導人, 作為東京大型的WOMB Club駐場DJ, 他獨特風格的 “Deep Tech House”歌曲和令人興奮的DJ set 不只在日本, 也在英國和意大利等等全球性演出。一直被Laurent Garnier, Ken Ishii, Nic Fanciulli 和 Sasse 被譽為是House+Techno發行作品眾多的音樂製作人。

Satoshi在90年代帶起底特律(Detroit),芝加哥(Chicago)和紐約(New york)的House Music, 充分了解和感興趣加上他獨特的音樂元素,形成自己的歌曲風格。此後,他常與其他音樂製作人合作,包括Todd Terry, Kaito/Hiroshi Watanabe和 Funk D’Void…,作品發行的唱片公司包括Mood Music, Klik Records, Plastic City, Hypnotic Room以及自己的品牌Label, Sequent:Recordings, Outerspace (with Osamu M).

Humdrum 及 Asia Music誠意邀請喜歡音樂的您, 和我們度過一個Deep House的午夜!

LOCO = House + Techno

July 21 @ Bassment
13 Lyndhurst Terrace / 擺花街13號
Central, Hong Kong

Hosteded by Humdrum Hong Kong DJs
Casey AndersonOcean LamMiko Van Chong

LOCO is a monthly party featuring some of the best deep house on this side of the planet. This month we welcome special guest Arun R, a veteran DJ of Hong Kong’s finest clubs. Expect unpretentious vibes, a unique visual projection show, a relaxing outdoor terrace, and a party full of music-lovers dancing til sunrise. And it’s FREE.

Stream/Download Full Recording: Sound of Asia @ Bassment, Hong Kong – 22 June 2012

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Stream/Download Full Recording: LOCO @ Bassment, Hong Kong – 16 June 2012

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