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HUMDRUM HONG KONG – Underground House and Techno



TDJL: What is Humdrum Hongkong all about? How did you start? Who are the members?

Humdrum Hongkong started in August 2011 after realizing the three of us shared a love of deep house. We are OCEAN LAM (HK), CASEY ANDERSON (USA) and MIKO VAN CHONG (HK). In Hong Kong’s house and techno spectrum, our music is probably on the deepest and most dubby side, with the lowest BPMs and lots of room for weird tracks – but always fun!


TDJL: What parties have you done?

We do a monthly party called LOCO at this bar called Bassment. Most of the Hong Kong DJs that play dance music have always played really dark, intense tech house – we support those DJs too, but the Humdrum group came together over house music that’s subtler, deeper, more melodic – we play dark tracks too but we balance it out with pretty songs here and there. Until we started doing our monthlyLOCO night there weren’t many options for that kind of house. Luckily several other organizers started their own parties around the same time – people finally have a few options for house and techno in Hong Kong.

We hear from plenty of Europeans that our music and parties have more in common with little bars in Germany than the glitzy Hong Kong clubs, which has a lot to do with Ocean getting inspiration from touring there a couple times. For example, the room is dark except for a projector showing weird old films on the wall, there’s no bouncer checking out your clothes at the door and entrance to LOCO is free so we can try to bring fresh faces into our scene. We’ve brought DEETRON and I-ROBOTS to Bassment too and have some more international guests on the horizon. And oh, we have SATOSHI FUMI in November.

I-ROBOTS (Opilec Music/Ornaments/Boysnoize Records) presented by Humdrum Hong Kong @ Bassment – 4 August 2012

I-ROBOTS presented by Humdrum Hong Kong
4 August 2012

13 Lyndhurst Terrace
Central, Hong Kong

$150 at door
$120 entry by liking Facebook page
Humdrum – Hong Kong House & Techno


Humdrum Hong Kong presents Italian dancefloor veteran I-Robots, a truly eclectic DJ blurring the distinctions between techno of the future and Italo disco of the past. I-Robots’ productions for labels like Ornaments Music and Boysnoize Records span deep house to techy acid, while his huge collection of 30,000 vinyl records has earned him the title of “historian” by DJs like Chicago house master Chez Damier.

As head of the label Opilec Music, I-Robots’ hand-picked compilations and remixes provide insight into his unique tastes. From electronic disco godfather Giorgio Moroder to Detroit techno pioneers like Juan Atkins and Richie Hawtin to catchy hitmakers like Todd Terje, I-Robots promises to immerse you in his own world of timeless, exciting and unpredictable electronic music!

Presented by Humdrum Hong Kong, the group who brought you Deetron – join us at Bassment on August 4th to discover I-Robots! From 10pm til sunrise the next day, it’s sure to be the latest party on the block.



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Deetron DJing @ Bassment – 30 April 2012

A massive thanks goes out to everyone who made this night special!

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Tracks of the Week – April 2012

Miko Van Chong
PBR Streetgang – Downstroke (Deetron Remix)
[Hot Creations]

Casey Anderson
Musiccargo – Ich Geh Den Mit Dir

Ocean Lam
Catz ‘n Dogz feat. Paul Randolph – I’m Free (Carl Craig Remix)

Deetron interviewed by Time Out Hong Kong

interview by Cris Stringfellow

Do you see yourself as a technician, an entertainer, an artist or something else entirely? 
I’d say a musician really as I consider DJing to be an art form or musical skill – but, of course, there is the entertainment element as well, which is very important obviously.

Where do you see house music pushing in years to come? 
I believe the key is that the various genres in electronic music will merge continuously and people will no longer restrain themselves to a certain style only. You can see it happening now more than ever. There’s a lot of exciting house and techno out there right now.

Why are you so much into the technical side of DJing, such as using up to five turntables? 
The set-up allows me to be much more creative, musical and faster when I’m playing live. Obviously there are never five tracks playing at the same time – but almost constantly two or three tracks.

What kind of hard choices do you make between a crowd-pleasing move that you know is going to work and trying something more experimental? 
I believe it’s important to keep the balance and I think you can please a crowd with a track, which would normally not really be seen as functional. It’s just the way you mix it or play it and that’s what makes a good DJ, I think.

You recently played again in your hometown of Bern. How was that? How often do you get back?
It was really great to see so many people dance to our music in my relatively small hometown of Bern and the setting was quite cosmopolitan with Seth Troxler, Magda and Tiefschwarz behind the decks, and Robert Owens, who happened to be in town as well, dancing on stage.

So, what brings you to Hong Kong, aside from a paycheque and a plane ticket? 
I’m very interested in discovering new places and finding out how people react to the music, plus I’m obsessed with Asian food. We do food trips to Southeast Asia at least once a year but we’ve never made it to Hong Kong so far. But I’ve heard only great things!

If you could design your own club from the ground up what would it be like? 
A very sparse building, square and made of concrete with oak floors and a huge rooftop terrace.

If you had to make one thing illegal what would it be? 
Making requests when a DJ is at work. Ha!

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Deetron presented by Footprint & Humdrum HK @ Bassment – 30 April 2012

The trio that made you LOCO now brings you Deetron, a truly unique DJ and producer. His Detroit-inspired productions as well as his spinning vinyl and CDs on up to five turntables have garnered this Swiss veteran a well-deserved spot on Resident Advisor’s top 100 DJ list, in addition to a career of touring the top clubs in the world and releasing tracks on labels such as Music Man, 100% Pure, Strictly Rhythm and Cocoon.

Although the mountain peaks of Bern, Switzerland hold little resemblance to the industrial skylines of Midwestern America, it was among these surroundings that Sam Geiser became inspired to keep the legacy of Chicago house and Detroit techno alive. Since the early nineties he has dedicated most of his life to making and playing out dance music in its truest form.

Ocean Lam
Casey Anderson 
Miko Van Chong 

30 April 2012

Bassment (AKA Insenses)
13 Lyndhurst Terrace / 擺花街
Central, Hong Kong

$200 at door
$180 for Humdrum members
(simply “like” the Humdrum Facebook page before April 30)

Come early to stake your claim on the dancefloor as we will reach capacity!