VIDEO: Tantsui – Beautiful Day (Timo Camillo Remix)

Check out this video of Hong Kong and Macau by Russian renaissance man Timo Camillo. Filmed during the weekend he played at Midnight & Co. alongside Humdrum, it shows a lot of everyday scenes around the SARs set to a lush ambient soundtrack, also composed by Mr. Camillo.

UPDATE: Timo’s also sent over a recording of his set at Midnight, available on the Mixcloud page of his record label, Dust On Boots. Click below and enjoy!

play-button-redTimo Camillo @ Midnight & Co., Hong Kong
11 May 2013

Casey Anderson – “Nightingale” (Ambient DJ Mix) with home videos of Hong Kong & China



The Beach Boys – Our Prayer
Angelo Badalamenti – Sycamore Trees (Instrumental)
Schlammpeitziger – Schmirschugri
New Look – The Ballad (Koreless Remix)
Charlie Alex March – Clouds Over You Again
Darkness Falls – Paradise Trilogy II
Teebs – King Bathtub
Aragon – Polaris
Clinic – Goodnight Georgie
Les Baxter – Pyramid of the Sun
Eden Abhez – Full Moon
Yagya – Snowflake 10
Fleetwood Mac – Albatross
Tangerine Dream – Running Through The Hills
D. Lissvik – A2
Schneider TM – The Slide
Processory – Nightfall
Low – Nightingale
Ripperton – L’Ardo
Quiet Village – Singing Sand
Panda Bear – Search For Delicious
Bvdub – Make The Pain Go Away
The Beach Boys – Surf’s Up

Hear Nightingale Part 2 on Mixcloud or download the mix