Deeper Sounds II: Luke Hess (Detroit, USA) Live Set, with Ocean Lam, Wendy Wenn @ Bassment – 24 March 2012

Detroit, Michigan, USA: the birthplace of Techno and hometown of Luke Hess.

Bold and futurist, Luke’s LIVE sets stands out for a musical structure extremely purified and sequenced. With extensive use of background noise and stirring reverberations, he contributed to the development of sound texture unique to his genre: Deep dub techno. Deeper Sounds invites you to drift through these hypnotic, atmospheric blends. Mesmerizing echoes of industrial landscapes: this is the sound of Detroit city.

LUKE HESS (Live) – (DeepLabs / FXHE / Echocord / Planet-e / Beretta Grey / Kontra-Musik / Ornaments)
OCEAN LAM – (Humdrum, FoxTrot)
WENDY WENN – (Science of Sounds, Small&Tall, FoxTrot)

Price: $180 on the door

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